Cryptanthus 'Andromeda' - Tropiflora
Cryptanthus 'Andromeda' - Tropiflora

Cryptanthus 'Andromeda'


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This Carole Richtmyer hybrid, a cultivar of Cryptanthus ‘Rita Padden’ argyrophyllus, has 10+ ovate leaves forming a medium plant to 12″ in diameter with a full round form.  The dull green copper brown leaves are full and very wide with fine lineated scurf on the undersides.

***For best results, we recommend growing this particular cultivar in a dirty Turface® mix, equal parts peat based potting mix and Turface® All Sport.  Fill the bottom of your pot with a shallow layer of potting mix, this prevents the Turface® mix from running out the bottom of your pot, and the remainder with the dirty Turface® mix.