Aechmea 'Deleon's Candy Stripe' - Tropiflora
Aechmea 'Deleon's Candy Stripe' - Tropiflora

Aechmea 'Deleon's Candy Stripe'


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A red variegated form of Ae. ‘Fulgo-Ramosa’ which is an old hybrid of fulgens x ramosa by Dutrie. Now this is where the story gets dicey; the clone we are selling was allegedly developed by Nat Deleon and was named ‘Candy Stripe’. The problem is that the name ‘Candy Stripe’ has already been used, so we are, for the sake of clarity, calling this plant ‘Deleon’s Candy Stripe’. It would be interesting to learn if this was actually the case, perhaps from Mr. Deleon, maybe we’ll hear from him.

Anyway, this is a big, bold beauty with broad, arching leaves in an upright rosette up to 30 inches across, with leaves that are light green above and reddish below. The leaves bear red striping or variegation that is much more evident in offsets. The inflorescence is a long lasting, pyramidal shaped panicle of orange berries that is held low in the foliage. A spectacular plant by any measure.