Aechmea cephaloides - Tropiflora
Aechmea cephaloides - Tropiflora

Aechmea cephaloides


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A large and showy new species from Pernambuco, Brazil where it grows as a forest terrestrial or facultative epiphyte. A spreading plant to nearly three feet tall and wide with arching leaves, glossy, green turning pinkish to orange with reddish tips. The foliage is broad, up to 4 inches. The inflorescence is on a tall scape, globose-capitate with a cluster of short branches and bright red bracts. The sepals are orange-yellow. The color is long lasting.

A rare plant of restricted range, known only from central Pernambuco state, in remnants of upper montane forests. First collected by Siqueira-Filho and described by Leme in 2007. Suited for landscape use in Central to Southern Florida and similar climates worldwide.