Aechmea 'Bert' - Tropiflora
Aechmea 'Bert' - Tropiflora
Aechmea 'Bert' - Tropiflora

Aechmea 'Bert'


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A handsome hybrid of orlandiana x fosteriana made by Mulford Foster in 1945 and named after his son; Bert. An upright, tubular vase shaped rosette with stiff leaves and long, sturdy stolons. The leaves are an attractive dull green and brownish mottled/banded and are somewhat bullate and armed with stout black spines.

The inflorescence, held above the foliage, is a cluster of yellow branches and reddish bracts. The rosettes can be up to 24 inches tall and about 6 inches in diameter. The tubular shape is more pronounced when grown as an epiphyte.

A very stoloniferous species that does extremely well in a hanging basket or mounted. Many large colonies of this plant can be seen on trees and in gardens in South and Central Florida where this plant has been in use for many years.

*Shipped partially bare root