Adenia venenata - Tropiflora
Adenia venenata - Tropiflora

Adenia venenata


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Not to be confused with Adenium, a completely different genus. Actually succulent forms of the Passifloraceae or Passion Flower family, many Adenias form thick stems which endear them to caudiciform plant lovers. However, when young they little resemble the future finished product. Typical young venenata are tall and resemble an upside-down elongated carrot.

The leaves are accompanied by thread-like tendrils which vine around any available object. The caudex thickens with age and can reach 6 feet in very old plants and the vine can go on for 30 feet or more, but can be trimmed to keep it manageable. Leaves are stelate and the flowers are tiny, green and dioecious. Native to central and eastern Africa.

*Shipped partially bare-root


 Full Sun to Bright, Indirect Light
 Once a week - Dry out in between waterings
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