Tropiflora Succulent Mix


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Tropiflora Succulent Mix – While we call this our ‘succulent mix’ we use this for many more things around the nursery. Succulents thrive in it under our rather wet, humid conditions and so do many plants such as terrestrial bromeliads, tuberous Arums and others. It is a good quality mix that we have custom made for us in 50 yard loads.

The formula is:

  • 15% Canadian Peat
  • 45% small Fir Bark
  • 15% coarse Sand
  • 35% coarse Perlite (Sponge Rock)

It has a pH of 6.0. You may notice that the formula adds up to 110%, this is because of the sand component which tends to ‘disappear’ in the mix and not change total volume.