Sincoraea navioides SEL1981-2356


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A stunning collector item from Bahia, Brazil where it grows in rock crevices in full to part sun. An 8 to 10 inch rosette of many very narrow, spiny leaves is glossy green until near anthesis when it flattens out and blushes bright red. Used frequently as a hybrid parent, it has a reputation as a fussy grower but we do not find it difficult.

Keep bright in a well draining, moist mix. Flowers are said to be fragrant. This clone we obtained from the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens collection and it came to them from the collection of Mulford B. Foster. It is thought that this may be a direct descendant of the type specimen plant. Not only a beauty, but may be historical. Don’t miss this one if you love terrestrial broms. 

Formerly: Orthophytum navioides SEL1981-2356.