Assorted Terrarium Bromeliad Offsets


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Our terrarium bromeliad offset collections are chosen from small and miniature plants with a preponderance of Neoregelia species and hybrids.  We may include plants from other genera, but all are of a smaller size that will work in most terrariums.  Other criteria considered are suitability to average terrarium light and humidity, smaller spines to protect fragile animals and water holding capability and leaf axils suitable to accommodate frogs, at least in some selections.

We do not include Cryptanthus, atmospheric Tillandsias, or any terrestrial bromeliads.  A good assortment is given, but there will be duplication.

Depending on the number of plants ordered, we will include from one to five of each variety and on some larger orders, up to ten of a variety.  At least one of each variety will be labeled, and bundled with others of the same type.  We can offer some choice as to overall size, etc., but, no choices can be given regarding variety.  An exception can be made, only if a certain variety is not acceptable to you, then you can request that we do not include them.

All plants will be well grown, healthy and free of pesticides.  However, since we are regulated by the state, some pesticides are occasionally used.  We do not ship freshly treated plants in terrarium orders, but we would rather see you take the precaution of rinsing your plants with clean water prior to installing them in the terrarium environment.

Assorted Terrarium Bromeliad Offsets - Tropiflora
Assorted Terrarium Bromeliad Offsets - Tropiflora
Assorted Terrarium Bromeliad Offsets - Tropiflora