x Neophytum 'Hytime' - Tropiflora
x Neophytum 'Hytime'

x Neophytum 'Hytime'


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An interesting hybrid by Jim Georgusis is a cultivar of Orthophytum vagans X Neoregelia concentrica.  This plant differs from most xNeophytums by having much wider leaves. 

Unlike most other xNeophytums, this cross was made with Orthophytum vagans and not the more commonly used O. navioides that gives most xNeophytum hybrids the extremely slender leaves.  The shape is more like that of a pineapple (Ananas), with inch wide channeled leaves, with a nidular inflorescence. 

The color is yellowish-green to bronzy with a blotchy, red veneer when grown bright.  The center blushes slightly brighter red at anthesis.  The size is to about 24 inches across.