Tillandsia fasciculata 'Yosondua, Oaxaca'


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A large and very leafy form of Tillandsia fasciculata that was collected in Yosondua, Oaxaca, Mexico by the late Guy Wrinkle. This complex of plants is widespread from Florida and the Caribbean to northern South America and in all likelihood involves several species as yet not separated or identified.

This form has very stiff foliage in an open, 24 inch rosette leaves that are fairly narrow and tapering to a sharp point, green with some silver trichomes and tinting red in strong light. The inflorescence is erect with a red scape and many long, slender branches of yellow. A choice plant.

Tillandsia fasciculata 'Yosondua, Oaxaca' - Tropiflora
Tillandsia fasciculata 'Yosondua, Oaxaca' - Tropiflora