Tillandsia complanata - Tropiflora
Tillandsia complanata - Tropiflora

Tillandsia complanata


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One of the most unusual of Tillandsias, a plant that is never out of bloom! Bloom spikes emerge from the leaf axils on a continuous basis. I once asked Harry Luther how long these could live, blooming time after time, and he said “Until they die”. For sure they will persist for many years, always blooming. The bloom spikes are very slender and wiry with a few bracts and pink flowers at the tip of a 20 inch scape. There are more than one form of this plant, and this one is one of the higher altitude plants which lives in the Andes from Colombia to Bolivia, with tough, dark green leaves, tinting purple in good light. Unlike some forms, this form also produces offsets! A much sought collector item that is rarely in stock. Grow in a well draining mix or mounted in a very high humidity area. Good quality water is a must.