Platycerium 'Grande' - Tropiflora
Platycerium 'Grande' - Tropiflora

Platycerium 'Grande'


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A large growing, spectacular species from the Philippines. This species was formerly considered the same species as P. superbum, but have now been separated by the presence of twin spore plates on each fertile frond in grande as opposed to a single one in superbum. A true giant that in nature can reach massive sizes with flaring sterile or shield fronds rising to several feet tall and the fertile fronds hanging to several yards.

A truly regal species of the tropical, wet forests, that are rapidly disappearing with increased logging and agricultural demands for land.  Grows well mounted on a plaque or basket and liked to be kept moist in the warm months and drier in winter.  Does not like cold so it’s important to keep this plant protected in winter, even in warm climates.