Medinilla species 'Gregori Hambali' - Tropiflora
Medinilla species 'Gregori Hambali' - Tropiflora

Medinilla species 'Gregori Hambali'


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We don’t know a whole lot about this plant as there isn’t a wealth of info out there and not many people grow it. What have been able to find out is that the plant was apparently collected by plant enthusiast and collector, Gregori Hambali and that it is from Borneo. As far as we can tell, the plant has not been properly described so it doesn’t have a latin name. Medinilla sp. Gregori Hambali has large, puckered, velvety, discolor leaves; green on top, magenta on the bottom.

It sheds leaves as it grows upwards and then blooms from the stem with shockingly bright pink flowers that can almost engulf the stem. We would imagine that the plant would do best kept warm with plenty of filtered light or bright shade but no direct sun due to the nature of the foliage. Moisture is a must as the plant seems to wilt when humidity gets too low. Certainly a standout amongst the other more common species in cultivation.