Maxillaria tenuifolia


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The 'Coconut orchid' or more precisely the 'delicate leaf orchid' is found from Mexico south to Costa Rica and occurs from sea level to an elevation of 1500 meters, a medium sized, warm to cool growing epiphyte found in open or dense forest canopies.  A solitary leafed epiphyte and occasionally terrestrial with an ascending rhizome that is completely enveloped by scarious, imbricating, nonfoliaceous bracts with oblong-elliptic to oblong-obovate, compressed pseudobulbs with a single apical, linear, attenuate leaf that blooms in spring and summer on a 2" long, single flowered inflorescence arising on a mature pseudobulb with scarious, basal bracts and the flower held at mid leaf height with a flower 1.5" to 2".  This orchid is best mounted or grown in an open basket and needs a semi-dry rest through the winter months.