Hohenbergia catingae Purple - Tropiflora
Hohenbergia catingae Purple - Tropiflora

Hohenbergia catingae eximbricata


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A most unusual and deadly-slow growing species from Bahia. This clone, a purple clone, came to us originally from the collection of Elton Leme, some years ago. The plant grows to about 30 inches tall in a very, very stiff leaved upright funnel-form rosette. The spines are black, very stiff and are extremely sharp. The leaves tint reddish, but are covered with a heavy coating of silver trichomes.

The inflorescence of this species is variable and runs from reddish to cottony white with thick trichomes. Our clone is the latter. Native to the Caatinga of Bahia, a hot, sunny rocky and sandy scrub. A tough plant but slow to grow.