Ferns and Foliage, assorted


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A collection choice ferns and foliage plants designed for terrariums. This beautiful assortment contains miniature foliage plants, from Peperomia, to miniature palms, Begonias, Fittonia, and more and ferns and Selaginellas such as Birdnest types, Maidenhairs, Pteris, Button, Heart and many more in two inch pots.

These are just right for planting in terrariums, dish gardens or moving up to larger pots. Chosen for variety and suitability to the terrarium environment, they are nice and full for their pot size. We normally have about twenty varieties from which the collections are made up.

Unless we are unable avoid it, each collection is a balance of equal numbers of ferns and foliage plants. To keep prices low, these plants are not supplied with name labels and are strictly ‘grower’s choice’ assortments. Available singly and in assortments of 5 and 10 and full cases.