Neoregelia - 'Fantasy' Collection (3 piece)


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This 3-pack of Neoregelia includes one (1) 5-inch pot of each: 

Neoregelia 'Royal Burgundy' x 'Fireball'
A cute and showy small grower to about 6 inches across with fairly wide glossy burgundy red leaves, spotted with green. It has short stolons and forms nice clusters suitable for a hanging pot or basket. Very popular with terrarium enthusiasts.

Neoregelia ('Fairy Paint' x sarmentosa) x chlorosticta
A small grower to about 6 inches tall, with red leaves that are suffused with yellow-green dots, concentrating in the center. Makes a good terrarium plant.

Neoregelia tigrina
This is a cute small species with a stoloniferous habit, soft yellow-green leaves, barred with red, in an open rosette. Has been in cultivation for a long time, under various names. Nice for use in a hanging basket or a terrarium.


 Bright, indirect light / Filtered Light
 Regularly -- Keep water in center well
 Warm - Above 45° F
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