Mountain Plants of Venezuela, the Coastal Range, the Andes & the Tepuis - Bromeliads


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Mountain Plants Of Venezuela, The Coastal Range, The Andes & Tepuis – BROMELIADS ©2006. This handsome new book by Francisco Oliva-Esteve is richly color-illustrated and printed on high-quality 150 gram, coated paper imported from Finland. Hardcover, 12½ x 9¾ inches, 340 pages with 1290 color photos. 910 photographs of mountain plants from many families, and 300 photographs of bromeliads from throughout the Neotropics, some never before published and many species not found in Oliva-Esteve's previous works. English.

First of a 6-book series of the new world plants, including bromeliads, beginning with an opening chapter "Origins, Geology, Flora and Vegetation of the Mountains of the Tropics”, is followed by text and descriptions of the species accompanied with spectacular habitats of the mountains of southern Venezuela also known as Tepuis, belonging to the Guyana Shield or Lost World. This color illustrated book will be prized by collectors.