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Monstera deliciosa (PICKUP ONLY)


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A popular climbing aroid from the tropical forests of Mexico to Panama. A warm grower that is frost tender but will tolerate some cold in sheltered areas. Great for climbing trees with ever larger leaves as it grows higher. The leaves are cordate (heart shaped), up to three feet long, thick and leathery, dark green, with many holes. Older leaves are deeply incised, with finger like leaf margins.

This species produces an edible fruit that is sweet smelling and tasting, sized and shaped like an ear of corn. In cultivation this plant is widely used as an indoor ornamental, tolerating low light well and benign neglect. Growing a potted plant requires a totem or trellis. Hardy and easy to care for. Propagate by stem cuttings. Common names include Split-leaf Philodendron. 


Monstera deliciosa (PICKUP ONLY)
Monstera deliciosa (PICKUP ONLY)