Tropiflora featured on Maria Young's YouTube Channel M.Y. Orchid Adventures!

If you have ever searched on YouTube for orchid advice or questions, you very well may have come across Maria Young's channel, M.Y. Orchid Adventures. She first encountered Tropiflora at the Mounts Botanical Gardens Plant-a-Palooza sale in West Palm Beach, and interviewed Scott Lockhart about Tropiflora. From there, Scott told Maria about our Fall Festival and she decided to come down and check it out! Thank you, Maria, for featuring our festival and we are so glad that you had a fabulous time and found some weird and cool plants! 

Be sure to check out Maria's channel on Youtube, M.Y. Orchid Adventures for your orchid questions and new and exciting plants featured in her videos and auctions!

Always wanted to know what our festivals are like? Maria Young gives you a look in-depth look of every experience at the Tropiflora Fall Festival!  

Maria Young from M.Y. Orchid adventures featuring her plant haul from the Tropiflora Fall Festival! You'll always find something new and different at every festival we have!