What is a VIPP? It's a Very Important Plant Person!!!

  1. VIPP membership is FREE and you can cancel at any time. Here are some of the benefits VIPPs will receive:
    • Weekly email notifications of Sales and Special VIPP Offerings! If you are a collector, this is something you don't want to miss!
    • First choice of all new products. You will receive a notification of all new items and VIPPs will have a special time 'window' for exclusive access to those items.
    • In addition to receiving offerings of plants that are rare or in limited quantities, VIPPs will receive a cash discount on all shipping, no matter how large or small your order!
    • All walk-in VIPPs will receive a 10% discount on their pick-up orders!
    • Also, VIPPs will be eligible to reserve out-of-stock items. (This feature is coming soon!)
  2. Here's how the Special VIPP Offers will work:
    • Tropiflora will set up a VIPP Special with a group of select plants. In most cases there will be limited quantities of each.
    • An email will be sent to each VIPP, announcing the Special and displaying each of the plant offerings.
    • Because our clients live across the globe in far flung time zones, for the FIRST 24 HOURS, VIPPs can order one or up to all of an item as they wish, though only one will be promised to the first buyer. This will allow others a chance to get an item if more than one is available. The rest will be placed in a Wait Queue.
    • At the end of the Hold Window (24 hours after the initial offer), any remaining items will be fairly distributed to all those waiting, on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  3. All this may seem a bit confusing, but in the past when we used to make VIPP offers, those in certain time zones received their notification emails during the day or evening while others received them late at night. Obviously, it gave an advantage to some buyers and put the rest at a disadvantage. We are trying to 'level the playing field' here a little and let all interested buyers get at least one of an item, while supplies last, during the first 24 hours. After that, no restrictions apply.
  4. ARE YOU A WHOLESALE CLIENT? Please note that VIPP discounts are based on and available for retail sales only. Wholesale VIPP members may purchase VIPP special items, but only at the stated VIPP price. Wholesale Customers are not eligible for any other discounts associated with the VIPP program, including walk-in discounts or shipping discounts unless paying retail prices.