Tropiflora Customer Pre-Registration

  1. If you are an exising Tropiflora customer, but haven't yet registered online, click here to get your $5.00 registration credit.                             
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    1. VIPP membership is FREE and you can cancel at any time. Here are some of the benefits VIPPs will receive:
      • Weekly email notifications of Sales and Special VIPP Offerings! If you are a collector, this is something you don't want to miss!
      • First choice of all new products. You will receive a notification of all new items and VIPPs will have a special time 'window' for exclusive access to those items.
      • In addition to receiving offerings of plants that are rare or in limited quantities, VIPPs will receive a cash discount on all shipping, no matter how large or small your order!
      • All walk-in VIPPs will receive a 10% discount on their pick-up orders!
      • Also, VIPPs will be eligible to reserve out-of-stock items. (This feature is coming soon!)
  15. I would like to become a VIPP and receive discounts and special offers.